Why the OSAP Visiting Student Program in Oxford is the Best Overseas Study Program in the World

After over ten years, no one has submitted an entry for the prize offered to the first reader who can describe an equal program anywhere. The prize is now $200,000.

We sincerely would like to know if any other overseas study program in the world offers (regardless of cost) the same quality education together with the same added benefits (an on-site office with a large staff, very central housing with British students, 13 weeks a term of residence, a medical plan, a money-back guarantee, etc.). A former Associate Director of the United States Information Agency (and head of all civilian U.S. government education programs abroad), Dr. Ronald Trowbridge, has given his permission to quote from a letter in which he wrote, “WISC is the best study abroad program in the world.” Dr. Trowbridge visited Oxford twice and talked at length with students and tutors.

According to the UN, of the ten leading universities in the world, eight are in the U.S. and two are not. Both of these universities are in England. Logically, the best study abroad program must be located in one of these two universities. OSAP posted a substantial prize on the internet on June 24, 1999. The prize was increased to $100,000 and was repeated in our publications. Well over fifteen years later no one has claimed the prize which would have gone to the first reader who sent us details of an overseas study program anywhere in the world for non-graduating students with the same or greater academic quality and overall benefits (full details on request). As of 1 January 2016, no one has submitted an entry. As a result, we have increased the prize to $200,000.

After over fifteen years, we believe we can safely assume that Dr. Trowbridge is correct in saying that the WISC/OSAP Visiting Student program in Oxford is the best study abroad program in the world.

"I enjoyed my tutorials immensely and think this system of teaching to be one of the best I have ever encountered. It allowed me to become more interested than I have ever been in my subjects."

"The academic program was excellent. The OSAP administration was great. OSAP events were well planned, and it appears that OSAP gives us more privileges, access, etc. to the University than other programs."