Conservative and Libertarian Thought Program

The Reagan-Thatcher lecture series is a unique course focused on examining the conservative movement in both the United States and Great Britain. Tracing the movement’s origins to the “liberalism” of Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, John Locke and the American Founders, the course looks to the foundations of classical thought to understand conservatism in both the U.S. and the U.K. The course will also explore the modern development and growth of Anglo-American conservatism from the 1950s onward, culminating in the golden age of conservatism under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. We will discuss the current state of conservatism in each country and look towards its future in the US and UK following Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 and the 2017 British General Election.

The lectures and readings will survey various theoretical perspectives on Anglo-American conservatism. Throughout, attention will be paid to a variety of doctrines within conservatism and to what unites as well as divides the politics of conservatism.

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"The academic program was very strong. The New College administration was helpful at all times; the OSAP admin was also helpful."

"My academic program was excellent. Much more work than expected. My law and ethics course was amazing--definitely worth the work...I wrote 13 essays!"