OSAP is keeping abreast of the Covid-19 situation in the UK in a robust way, and is regularly passing updates to our students and partner programmes.



OSAP is intent upon providing the most enriching term(s) possible, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and students by adhering to UK Government guidelines. In doing so, it has prepared this document which outlines current preparations, guidelines, and policies in light of Covid-19:

OSAP Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines


This document is updated regularly.

In addition, current students, prospective students, parents and guardians, and home university administrators may consult various specific areas detailed below, which include the latest guidance and OSAP’s responses.



On Monday, 04 January 2021, the British Government announced new measures for England – a national lockdown similar to the previous two lockdowns (in effect, a “Tier 5”). This means that non-essential businesses are closed, although supermarkets, corner shops and pharmacies remain open.

The University of Oxford will issue its response to the new lockdown shortly, but previously they have confirmed that most teaching will take place remotely until at least 25 January (the start of 2nd Week). The Bodleian Library will also close during this period. Please see https://www.ox.ac.uk/coronavirus/status

While Tier 5 restrictions are in place for Oxford, teaching will be conducted remotely (until at least 25 January, the beginning of 2nd Week). The OSAP Office will remain open, and our tutorial rooms, library, printers, photocopiers, etc. will be available to our students and tutors.

Requirements for social distancing and use of face coverings remain in place.

Student households must be strictly adhered to, and no visitors from other households will be allowed indoors whilst Tier 5 rules remain in effect. Oxford colleges are now working through the detail of how their services can operate under the Tier 5 alert level, and will provide further information as soon as possible.

International students are able to leave the UK at any time should they need to return to their home country for any reason; however, students may need to quarantine when they return to the UK. Students should contact the OSAP Office if they have country-specific questions regarding quarantine requirements.

OSAP will add an additional month of housing at the end of the term for all Hilary term enrollees, meaning that students may (if they wish) stay in Oxford until early May – at no extra cost. This extension will hopefully allow students sufficient time to take full advantage of Oxford’s unique resources once current restrictions have eased.

As always, please inform the OSAP Office right away if you or any of your housemates have Covid symptoms. You will in such circumstances need to take a test as soon as possible so that we can coordinate an appropriate self-isolation regime for individual student properties.



The UK Government’s policy is to follow the advice of the Chief Scientific Advisor and the Chief Medical Officer of England.

If you are a resident or visitor travelling to England, you will be required to complete an online locator form to supply contact details, travel details and the UK address of where you will be required to self-isolate for 10 days. If you wish, you may participate in the Test to Release Scheme, under which you may pay for a private Covid-19 test on your fifth day in England, and upon receipt of a negative result you will be released from quarantine.

Please contact OSAP at [email protected] for assistance with this locator form, which must be completed prior to departing your home country. The UK Government will review this quarantine every three weeks.

From 18 January 2021, the UK Government will require all international arrivals to England, including UK nationals, to present a negative Covid-19 test taken up to 72 hours prior to departure. Please see this page for more information, and always check with your airline to make sure you have met their particular pre-departure requirements for your journey.

From 28 December 2020, US authorities will require all incoming travellers from the United Kingdom to present evidence of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to departure for the United States. If this requirement is still in place in April (the scheduled end date for Hilary term accommodation), OSAP will help students receive such a test in a timely manner, as indeed we will do at any point during the term whenever any student experiences Covid symptoms.

If you are an OSAP student affected by a travel ban, you will be able to stay in OSAP accommodation for as long as necessary (although you should check in with your home university regularly and follow their advice at all times).



The University of Oxford and its constituent colleges intend to make provisions for all students for the 2020-21 Academic Year.

Please consult this website, maintained and updated regularly by the University of Oxford, for useful coronavirus advice for University colleges, students, and staff.



Public Health England and the UK Government have published these guidelines for anyone in any setting, chief among which is covering one’s mouth when sneezing or coughing, disinfecting surfaces, and frequent and thorough hand-washing.



Academic Year 2020-21: Michaelmas Term 2020, Hilary Term 2021, and Trinity Term 2021

All OSAP programmes for the 2020-21 Academic Year (Michaelmas Term 2020, Hilary Term 2021, and Trinity Term 2021)  are scheduled to continue, and online applications are open.



Should you have further questions, please contact [email protected].

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Covid-19 Update

OSAP is pleased to report that all OSAP programmes for the 2020-21 Academic Year (Michaelmas Term 2020, Hilary Term 2021, and Trinity Term 2021)  are scheduled to continue as normal, and online applications are open.

See this page for more on OSAP's Covid-19 advice and updates.