OSAP is keeping abreast of the Covid-19 situation in the UK in a robust way, and is regularly passing updates to our students and partner programmes.



OSAP is intent upon providing the most enriching term(s) possible, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and students by adhering to UK Government guidelines. In doing so, it has prepared this document which outlines current preparations, guidelines, and policies in light of Covid-19:

OSAP Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines

This document is updated regularly.

In addition, current students, prospective students, parents and guardians, and home university administrators may consult various specific areas detailed below, which include the latest guidance and OSAP’s responses.



The UK Government has announced new measures for England for the period beginning Thursday, 5 November, and ending Wednesday, 2 December 2020.

During this time, hospitality venues such as pubs and restaurants will close, but supermarkets, corner shops, health clinics and chemists will remain open.

Restaurants will be able to provide takeaway or delivery services.

The University of Oxford will remain open, and in-person teaching may continue unless otherwise agreed between the tutor and student. The OSAP Office will also remain open, and our tutorial rooms, library, printers, photocopiers, etc. will continue to be available to our students and tutors.

International students returning home will be exempt from the new rules regarding international flights. That is to say, they will be able to leave the UK at any time should they need to return to their home country for any reason; however, students may need to quarantine when they return to the UK. Students should contact the OSAP Office if they have country-specific questions regarding quarantine requirements.

Travel for purely recreational purposes, including travel within the UK, will not be allowed until after December 2.

As the education sector is partially exempt from the new rules, OSAP students should continue to complete tutorial assignments, access libraries and remain in OSAP housing, which is guaranteed until December 20 (for one-term students), April 11 (for Michaelmas/Hilary students) or June 30 for academic year students. Students who are registered for the Michaelmas term only should contact OSAP should they wish to stay in Oxford beyond December 20.

Those one-term students who wish to extend for another term in Oxford, should please let us know their intentions within the next three weeks or so. The process is relatively straightforward; there is no need to reapply. Students may remain in their current accommodation or move to another student property in the Hilary term. Also, students will have the option of continuing under the supervision of their current tutors (if they prefer) or studying with new tutors – note that Hilary term tutorial requests needn’t be in the same subject(s) as their current courses.

As always, please inform the OSAP Office right away if you or any of your housemates have Covid symptoms. You will in such circumstances need to take a test as soon as possible so that we can coordinate an appropriate self-isolation regime for individual student properties.



The University of Oxford and its constituent colleges intend to be open to all students for the 2020-21 Academic Year.

Similarly, the Bodleian Library opened July 2020, well in advance of the Michaelmas Term.

Please consult this website, maintained and updated regularly by the University of Oxford, for useful coronavirus advice for University colleges, students, and staff.



Public Health England and the UK Government have published these guidelines for anyone in any setting, chief among which is covering one’s mouth when sneezing or coughing, disinfecting surfaces, and frequent and thorough hand-washing.



The UK Government’s policy is to follow the advice of the Chief Scientific Advisor and the Chief Medical Officer of England.

At present, if you are a resident or visitor travelling to England, you will be required to complete an online locator form to supply contact details, travel details and the UK address of where you may be required to self-isolate for 14 days. Note: Visitors from some countries are exempt from this 2-week quarantine requirement, but nonetheless they must provide their journey and contact details in advance. See this page for a list of those countries currently exempted.

Please contact OSAP at [email protected] for assistance with this locator form, which must be completed prior to departing your home country. The UK Government will review this quarantine every three weeks.

If you are an OSAP student affected by a travel ban, you will be able to stay in OSAP accommodation for as long as necessary (although you should check in with your home university regularly and follow their advice at all times).



Academic Year 2020-21: Michaelmas Term 2020, Hilary Term 2021, and Trinity Term 2021

The University of Oxford is intending “to be open to students at all levels for the 2020/21 academic year” and it looks “forward to welcoming new and returning students from the start of Michaelmas term.”

Accordingly, all OSAP programmes for the 2020-21 Academic Year (Michaelmas Term 2020, Hilary Term 2021, and Trinity Term 2021)  are scheduled to continue as normal, and online applications are open.



Should you have further questions, please contact [email protected].

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Covid-19 Update

OSAP is pleased to report that all OSAP programmes for the 2020-21 Academic Year (Michaelmas Term 2020, Hilary Term 2021, and Trinity Term 2021)  are scheduled to continue as normal, and online applications are open.

See this page for more on OSAP's Covid-19 advice and updates.