Summer Terms: Dates & Fees

Students will be able to study almost any academic subject in very flexible periods of their own choosing in our summer sessions. This is because one-on-one tutorial courses are tailor-made for each individual student. So far as we know, OSAP has one of the only tutorial programs in Oxford in the summer. There are many summer programs in Oxford conducted by U.S. universities; most of the others offer lecture courses with a limited range of subjects and usually start in July, after the Oxford term has ended.

Students may begin studying on one of three dates starting from mid-May, and may choose to study for 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 weeks. Summer term students typically take approximately the same number of tutorials as weeks in which they are enrolled (e.g. a 4-week student will take 4-5 tutorials, a 6-week student will take 6-7 tutorials, etc.).


OSAP Academic Calendar: Summer 2024

Summer I 2024 21 May 2024 Varies
Summer II 2024 04 June 2024 Varies
Summer III 2024 02 July 2024 Varies


OSAP Academic Calendar: Summer 2025

Summer I 2025 20 May 2025 Varies
Summer II 2025 03 June 2025 Varies
Summer III 2025 03 July 2025 Varies


We recommend that students study in the six-week period from mid-May to late-June if possible. They will have the advantage of the last five weeks of the Trinity (Spring) Term, when their college will have extra-curricular activities of all kinds (clubs, teams, balls, etc.).

Outside the normal Trinity Term in the summer period there are only a few British students in residence, and so college activities are minimal. However, there are many students here for summer schools, and the city has a rich cultural life.


Tuition and Fees: Summer I and Summer II Terms 2024

The tuition and fees for the summer programs are dependent upon the term length.

$8,550 $10,185 $14,570 $17,840 $20,010


Tuition and Fees: Summer III Term 2024

The tuition and fees for the summer programs are dependent upon the term length.

$7,550 $9,185 $13,570 $16,840 $19,010


Students may enroll in tutorial courses for a minimum of four weeks (four U.S. semester credits). If a student comes for eight weeks or more he or she could study in two tutorial courses (four credits and five credits).

Tuition and fees for summer sessions include the cost of tuition, Oxford college fees, Oxford library fees, single room housing (in our standard accommodation), educational tours, and a medical plan.

Additional expenses, which are not included in the tuition and fees payable to OSAP, include meals, any club fees, any sports team fees, and any books that might be purchased.

To give students more flexibility, we do not charge in advance for meals. Students pay their Oxford colleges directly only for meals actually taken in dining halls. Lunches and dinners cost about $7.00 each.

Average Use Policy

Because fees for both Visiting Students and Associate Members are set on an “average use” basis, there are no refunds for students who choose to enroll in fewer tutorials (or who choose not to take a certain tour, not to use a certain library, live in Oxford college housing (if available), leave a week or two early, etc.).

1098-T Tuition Statements

Owing to Internal Revenue Service regulations and institutional eligibility requirements, OSAP is not able to provide 1098-T Tuition Statements for tuition paid.

Subject-Specific Summer Courses

We offer a special lecture and tutorial course on Shakespeare, taught by leading Oxford and international scholars. Oxford is the ideal place to study Shakespeare since the students will be able to attend plays for each course in places like Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon or in the London Globe Theatre.

We also offer a course in International Relations for six weeks from early-July every year.

For more information on these and other summer programs, please visit:

  • For more information on the summer International Relations Program, click here.
  • For more information on summer Faculty-Led Programs, click here.

Additional Summer Program Information

Summer students will normally be Associate Members of their colleges in Oxford in the normal way. They will be academically supervised (by prior arrangement) by their U.S. home college and not by their Oxford college. Students must secure credit approval in advance. Students may earn a transcript from an accredited U.S. University. (They must apply before the start of the term.)

In the summer period (after June 15 or so), some dining halls and college libraries may be closed for certain periods (but other libraries will be open). Accepted students will have the normal privileges of Associate Members in their colleges in Oxford and may use almost all of the student facilities which are open in the summer period.


"The academic program was very strong. The New College administration was helpful at all times; the OSAP admin was also helpful."

"My academic program was excellent. Much more work than expected. My law and ethics course was amazing--definitely worth the work...I wrote 13 essays!"