Extensive Orientation Program

In contrast to the much shorter orientation programs offered by many overseas programs, the OSAP typically offers a 10-day orientation program for those students studying during the full-length terms (Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity), and a 3-5 day orientation program for our shorter summer sessions.

Orientation is an important introduction to life in Oxford and within an Oxford college, and serves well to “settle” students into new surroundings and environments which will be understandably uncomfortable. It consists of a series of tours, lectures, activities and inductions, divided largely into topics academic, social, and personal.

Topics covered include:

  • An Introduction to the Oxford Academic System
  • An Introduction to Living in Oxford
  • An Introduction to Libraries in Oxford, including the Bodleian, the Central Oxford Library System
  • A History of Modern Britain
  • English Architecture in Oxford
  • British Customs and Mores
  • An Introduction to Medical Services in Oxford, and Relevant Advice
  • British Government and Politics
  • The Oxford Tutorial
  • The Oxford Essay

In addition, students will participate in a welcome party, where they meet their fellow students and Oxford dons, a walking tour of Oxford, which helps to serve as an introduction to the geography and history of city centre, hear from an Oxford college librarian on how best to utilize the research opportunities in Oxford, attend a Bodleian Library induction, where they are formally admitted as members of the Oxford University library, an induction to their respective Oxford colleges, and a discussion sessions where current Oxford undergraduates form a student panel and answer any questions students might have. Visiting Students will also meet with their Oxford college’s Tutor for Visiting Students, and attend additional orientation sessions which introduce them to the additional benefits of Visiting Student status.

Importantly, during orientation each student will meet one-on-one with his or her academic advisor, during the tutor and tutorial arrangements are confirmed, and the avenues for help or assistance are clearly laid out.



"My academic program was very good."

"My tutorial with the Chaplain of New College was GREAT!"