Student Housing in the Very Center of Oxford

All of our housing is located within a 10 minute walk of the central area of Oxford, defined as St. Anne’s College on the North, Magdalen Bridge on the East, the Railroad Station on the West and Folly Bridge on the South. In most terms, almost all the housing will be within that central area, or within a five minute walk of it.

Listed below are some of our most popular properties.

  • 37 St. Giles (Georgian Town House) – 10 minute walk to Christ Church
  • Juxon Street (19th Century Terraced Houses) – 18 minute walk to the Bodleian Library
  • Venneit Close (Modern Apartments) – 20 minute walk to Trinity College
  • Summertown Area (Modernized Apartments) – 20 minute walk to the Bodleian Library
  • Trinity Street (Modern Houses) – 10  minute walk to Christ Church

Join Our Housing and Experience Oxford

There are several overseas study programs in Oxford. However, almost all of their students live with older graduate students in properties located outside the central area. The OSAP program, we believe, has arranged the best housing for study abroad students in Oxford.

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OSAP's Surcharge Housing

37 St. Giles

37 St. Giles is a beautiful and historic 18th Century 10-bed Georgian mansion located in the very center of Oxford, near St. John’s College. It was completely refurbished in 2008. It is rented (with a long term lease) by OSAP from Christ Church and is a college annex. Recently The Times Higher Education Review sponsored a contest to find the best new student residence hall in the UK. This Christ Church College Annex was listed as a finalist (one of the top six such buildings in Great Britain). 37 St. Giles has two full bathrooms, a separate toilet, lounge, a large double kitchen and a utility room. It has a very large backyard with decking, suitable for outdoor dining.

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"I was taught by two Professors [holders of Chairs, usually only one don in the University in each subject], both of whom were Fellows of the British Academy. My academic program could not have been better."