OSAP tuition and fees include housing in central Oxford for the duration of your term, typically single-room accommodation in our standard housing.

In recent terms, over 50% of OSAP students lived within the central area of Oxford, and the remaining students lived within a 20-minute walk of the central area.

Housing Application Process

After acceptance, students should complete the Housing Request Form (see below) which asks them to designate their housing preferences. This form lists descriptions of available housing options and students are asked to designate their first and second choices.

All OSAP students must live in housing arranged by OSAP; that is, students are not permitted to arrange their own housing in the form of private lets, rentals, or other accommodation arrangements.

Students are also able to specify on the Housing Request Form any particular desired roommates hour housemates. Though we are not always able to satisfy your first choices, we make every effort to do so.

As stated above, included in your tuition and fees is single-room accommodation in our standard housing. Some students request to live in one of the more expensive surcharge properties (listed here) in the center of Oxford. If you opt for a surcharge room, you will be invoiced separately for it; any surcharge must be paid on receipt and before your transcripts are released. Similarly, if approval is granted for you to live elsewhere (that is, in a property not managed by OSAP), you will be responsible for any additional fees incurred, and no refund will be possible on the “housing portion” of your OSAP tuition and fees.

If you have any questions about our housing, choosing the right house, or the Housing Request Form, please email [email protected].

Housing Request Form

The Housing Request Form, available below, is part of your OSAP application. You should complete it after you apply and before you arrive in Oxford. Included in the form are important notifications about OSAP housing, terms and conditions, and a student agreement.

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"I would say OSAP is better because there is more integration with British students and a better safety net. Plus, the housing is better."

"OSAP is the best academic study abroad program in Oxford."