Surcharge Housing

OSAP is pleased to offer a selection of premium housing which is desired principally because of its proximity to Oxford city center. Because of the location of these properties, they are substantially more expensive to rent, and so we have to ask for a surcharge over the normal rent included in your tuition and fees.

Each property has a different surcharge which varies based upon term and type of room. The current surcharge rates are listed on our Housing Request Form.

If you wish, you may choose to apply to live in one of these surcharge properties on your Housing Request Form. Though not always available, we do our best to accommodate your first choice housing request.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Surcharge Housing Options

37-St-Giles37 St. Giles

37 St. Giles is a beautiful and historic 18th Century 10-bed Georgian mansion located in the very center of Oxford, near St. John’s College. It was completely refurbished in 2008.

It is rented (with a long term lease) by OSAP from Christ Church and is a college annex.

Recently The Times Higher Education Review sponsored a contest to find the best new student residence hall in the UK. This Christ Church College Annex was listed as a finalist (one of the top six such buildings in Great Britain).

37 St. Giles has two full bathrooms, a separate toilet, lounge, a large double kitchen and a utility room.  It has a very large backyard with decking, suitable for outdoor dining.

Mainly because of the location, this house is very expensive and carries our highest surcharge, as listed on our Housing Request Form.

37 St Giles has a rich history. OSAP collaborated with Christ Church so this historic house could be used by students from the OSAP program.

The house has seven bedrooms (four singles and three doubles), accommodating up to ten students.

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