Customized Faculty-Led Programs

With its academic and logistical expertise, OSAP works with colleges and universities in the United States and Canada (and elsewhere) to design quality educational programs for faculty to serve as leaders for groups of 10 or more students. Groups often range from 10 to 80. All programs are designed in close collaboration with faculty to meet the academic and cultural objectives of the program and the credit requirements of the home campus.

A program customized in collaboration with OSAP allows the faculty to benefit from OSAP’s knowledge of Oxford University, experience operating study abroad programs, and its infrastructure in Oxford. With OSAP, faculty leaders have access to world renown Oxford scholars. Faculty also have fewer logistical and administrative concerns and duties.

The faculty leader is able to focus on the academic instruction since OSAP will arrange guest lectures with leading Oxford scholars that complement the academic program.  The on-site OSAP staff book cultural activities and field trips appropriate to the program.  Just as important, OSAP arranges housing and the staff are available to provide orientation as well as health and safety services throughout the duration of the program.

Most such faculty-led programs include a tutorial course by an Oxford scholar.

OSAP offers flexible dates to meet the needs of campus academic calendars. Programs can be of short duration such as 3 to 4 weeks during the semester or a summer, a January term, or a term at Oxford.

Because housing in Oxford is limited and always in high demand, OSAP advises faculty and the study abroad office to initiate program planning at least 4 months ahead.

OSAP welcomes the participation of faculty and campus administrators and welcomes visits on weekdays. Arrangements can be made to tour some of the Oxford colleges, meet tutors, talk with students, view housing and see sights in Oxford.  To plan a visit, or to discuss your proposal, program options, and pricing information, please email [email protected].

"The JCR provided a warm welcome, socially, academically, and athletically, without any regard to associate member status."

"The academic program was excellent. The OSAP administration was great. OSAP events were well planned, and it appears that OSAP gives us more privileges, access, etc. to the University than other programs."