Graduate Study

Both Visiting Students and Associate Members may study at the graduate level either in cooperation with one of the primarily undergraduate colleges (which all have graduate students) or as a Visiting Student in one of three graduate colleges. OSAP has had an arrangement with St. Antony’s – the graduate college of International Relations – since 1987. Two other graduate colleges, Linacre and St. Cross, have also invited us to recommend Visiting Students.

Such graduate students have studied Law, International Relations and Business in the past as well as Arts and Sciences. Every year, several OSAP alumni return to Oxford to study as candidates for graduate degrees. Recommendations from their former Oxford tutors are usually helpful.

Students wishing to study at the graduate level should contact us at the time of application to ensure the appropriate arrangements are made.

To apply for graduate study in Oxford, click here, being sure to indicate within the online application that you are a graduate student.

"I would say OSAP is better because there is more integration with British students and a better safety net. Plus, the housing is better."

"The academic program was incredibly beneficial. I got a lot out of the one-on-one tutorials."