Study Amongst the Dreaming Spires

Oxford, a city filled with “dreaming spires”, and inspiring dreams, is lush with Medieval architecture and rich with the architects of ideas. Its history proves it a consequential place, witnessing a host of the world’s most dominant shapers, including¬†kings, prime ministers, scientists, philosophers, poets and the like.

Oxford, a vibrant city, surrounds the oldest university in the English-speaking world, with roots from as early as 1096. The University of Oxford consistently ranks in the top ten universities in the world.

As a destination for studying abroad, Oxford is difficult to surpass. The bustling multi-cultural university population affords innumerable opportunities for meaningful conversations and lasting relationships. The world-class scholars provide a depth of knowledge, insight, and innovation in tutorials, classes, seminars and conferences.

The Oxford tutorial system is unsurpassed in providing students an opportunity to cultivate the virtues and habits of scholarship. The tutorials are not classes with dozens of students listening to a lecture that summarizes what already has been read in a textbook. Rather, tutorials are sustained conversations with world-class tutors, probing one’s knowledge base, exploring the topic in hand, and assigning new tasks in anticipation of the next tutorial. In short, students are treated as scholars, whilst being called to action and mentored in the skills of research, critical assessment, writing and communication.

WISC invites you to come and study, to come and study in this place which has, for centuries, trained some of the best minds which have, without question, shaped our world.

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"I enjoyed my tutorials immensely and think this system of teaching to be one of the best I have ever encountered. It allowed me to become more interested than I have ever been in my subjects."

"OSAP is the best academic study abroad program in Oxford."